Elder Bronson Miner's Blog

Finding Joy in Serving

On the Home Stretch

Bronson comes home next Wednesday, November 9th. Words cannot express how proud we are of him and his diligent service in Mexico. He has grown to truly love the people. He has worked hard and seen many miracles. As we read his letters each week, they focused on the work happening in the area, and how each person was progressing. We have seen him transform into a confident, caring, and.. Read More

New Challenges in Saltillo

Bronson is nearing the end of his time as a missionary. In exactly 5 weeks from today, he’ll be sitting in our living room wondering what to do with all of his free time! Actually, he will be busy with school registration, finding a job, and getting back in to the swing of things. But that’s still a whole 5 weeks away. There is still a lot of work to.. Read More

We Are Here To Learn How To Have Joy

Bronson is now back in Saltillo, where he started his mission. He’s actually in the same ward where he started, but on the other end of the area. He’s excited to likely finish his mission in this area, already knowing the people. He’ll be able to focus on the work instead of worrying about getting to know a whole new ward. We are so grateful for the way in which.. Read More

Everyone in Acuña is from Veracruz

Bronson is enduring the heat in Acuña. He has a few more weeks until the next transfer, which will likely be his last. He thinks he will be moved to one last area. This month the mission received a brand new mission president from Payson, UT. His name is Kevin Cahoon and he was a dentist there. Here are some excerpts from some recent letters. This last week we went.. Read More

Mexican Dog Days of Summer

Bronson is still plugging away in Acuña as Zone Leader. He’s running around his zone doing lots of baptismal interviews for his District Leaders, while keeping his own area running. He truly loves being a missionary and serving the people of Mexico. He is (and always has been) a man of few words, but what he writes, it’s powerful. Here are some excerpts and photos from his last few letters… Read More

Zone Leading in Acuña

Bronson has been assigned to serve in Acuña, which is just on the Mexico side of the border across from Del Rio, Texas, about 140 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. He’s also been assigned as zone leader, and is doing great! He continues to make some life-long friends and is already talking about returning to Mexico after his mission to visit them. Here are some excerpts and photos from recent.. Read More

Life is Good!

Bronson has written several times since the last update. He has also provided lots of pictures. He is now serving in Acuña, which is on the border of Texas, 150 miles due west of San Antonio. He is serving as a Zone Leader and is absolutely loving mission life. Enjoy! The highlight of the week I think is being able to go to all of general conference. We had to.. Read More

The Best Part About This Baptism Was Adrian

Bronson is staying in Monclova until at least mid-April. He says the heat is coming back and the sunscreen is coming out. He recently had an issue with his SD cards (used to store pictures from his camera) and we think he has lost most of his mission pictures. Luckily, he has been uploading several a week to a site I had set up, so it’s not a total loss… Read More

The Work is Really Picking Up!

We are ecstatic that Bronson is doing so well. The little ward he is in has not seen new members for quite a long time. He is working hard and reaping the blessings. Here are a few excerpts and photos from some recent emails. This week we baptized 3 people! A couple, Juan and Emeteria, were baptized along with another girl that we have been teaching from a recently-activated member… Read More

I’m a DL and a Trainer!

Bronson has been asked to serve as both a District Leader and a Trainer. He is really excited about both. He had a baptism last week, with another couple scheduled for baptism, which is great for his area. We appreciate everyone’s prayers in his behalf. Here are some excerpts from his last few letters. I’m staying in Monclova Del Rio as a DISTRICT LEADER AND A TRAINER!! This time, though, I get.. Read More