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Finding Joy in Serving

Be Patient and Loving In Our Missions and In Our Lives

Here is an excerpt of Bronson’s letter this week. It looks like he is doing well. I have two experiences this week. For the Tuesday devotional, Elder L. Tom Perry (of the quorum of the twelve apostles) spoke on how we will not go into the mission field alone. He was talking about when Alma of the Book of Mormon was young, he had a lot of responsibility put on.. Read More

That Feeling is Like Velcro

Bronson has been in the Mexico City CCM for a week now. Words can’t describe how hard it has been for us (his family) to wait for that first real email, to make sure he is doing ok. We got that email today, and I think it is safe to say that he is doing well. He doesn’t mention this, but one of the Elders in his district is the oldest son.. Read More