Elder Bronson Miner's Blog

Finding Joy in Serving

Bus Ride: 53 cents. Taxi Ride: $1.59

I asked Bronson what a typical day consists of for him. This is his reply: A typical day consists of the following: 6:30 Wake up 7:00 Eat breakfast, shower 8:00 Personal study –  studying things like the scriptures and “Preach My Gospel” – a manual containing a lot of information about how and what we teach people about the Gospel. There are lots of other resources for missionaries that we.. Read More

I’m Staying Put in Saltillo

It looks like the camera problem has been solved. It turns out that one of the SD cards he took has been corrupted. We are hoping that all the pictures he took up until now can be somehow salvaged from the card. For now he has switched cards and everything seems to be working again. Unfortunately, still no pictures to share this week. I asked Bronson to share a little.. Read More

Another Miracle Happened This Week

Still no word on what is wrong with Bronson’s camera, so, still no new photos. His spirits are high, and it sounds like the language is becoming less of a challenge as time goes on. Here is his update for this week, along with another past photo: This week has finally been speeding up for me. The work is pretty good, we have about 5 progressing investigators. One of them.. Read More

I Got An American Companion (for a day)

Bronson is doing well in Saltillo. He is immersed in the language, especially since he has a native companion. That temporarily changed last week as you will read below. If you noticed the lack of photos, it is because we haven’t received any for a while. He is having an issue with the SD card reader, and can’t get the photos from the card to his email. We’re working hard.. Read More