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Finding Joy in Serving

I’m Planning On Buying Myself a Cake

This post will include two or three weeks of updates, and pictures! Bronson has had two more baptisms since the last update: Paola and Miriam. He celebrated his 19th birthday this past week and looks great! Despite the heat, he continues to do well.   I got my birthday package last Tuesday. It was awesome! A bunch of the people from the ward told me that we are so going.. Read More

Road Trip To The Temple!

Bronson continues to do well. He has several people preparing for baptism (see previous post). Not a lot to report on this week, as you can see by Bronson’s brief excerpts below, but we got lots of pictures from a trip he took to the Monterrey temple! He also just found out that he now has 90 minutes instead of 60 on his P-day (preparation day) to write emails! Hopefully.. Read More