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Finding Joy in Serving

Bronson, a Sombrero, and Demolition – Sounds Like A Great Name For a Band

I’ve saved up a few more emails from Bronson and combined excerpts of them into this blog post. His emails are not lengthy, but we can feel his strength and enthusiasm coming through. It sounds like the weather is cooling down a bit, as is his teaching pool. Enjoy the update! This week was really not that exciting. We had to stay home over the weekend because Elder Vielma’s foot has been.. Read More

Lizards, Ice Cream, and a Baptism, Oh My!

It looks like Bronson and Elder Vielma are staying in Monclova for another 6 weeks. He’s happy about that and is excited to continue working in Monclova. Here are some recent email excerpts and photos. Enjoy! It isn’t getting any cooler here, but it did stop getting hotter. The only animals here are dogs and there are a million of them! All the dogs that have owners are really aggressive, so it’s hard.. Read More