One week from today we will drop Bronson off at the Salt Lake International Airport. He will fly directly (with a layover in Atlanta) to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center, or MTC (In Spanish, it’s CCM – Centro de Capacitatión Misional). 2 weeks ago, he got to go to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City to finish up the paperwork for his Mexican visa. He was able to meet a bunch of other missionaries who will be leaving the same day, as well as a few missionaries from the Provo MTC.

We recently went and purchased all of the clothing and luggage Bronson will need in Mexico. This includes 2 suits, 4 extra pairs of slacks, a dress coat, 9 white shirts, 12 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of shoes, several ties, 1 belt, and a set of luggage. It’s amazing how much there still is left to purchase/acquire, but I feel like we’re getting close.

Last Wednesday, Bronson’s cousin Carson entered the Provo MTC, bound for Vancouver, Washington. He’ll be flying there just 1 day before Bronson heads to Mexico. Another cousin, Clark, is currently serving in the Russia, Moscow mission, and left at the end of the summer. It will be fun to have all three of them out at the same time!


Family Picture at General Conference – October, 2014
Mission Clothes and Luggage
Mission Clothes and Luggage
Bronson and His Cousin Carson - November 9, 2014
Bronson and His Cousin Carson – November 9, 2014