Still no word on what is wrong with Bronson’s camera, so, still no new photos. His spirits are high, and it sounds like the language is becoming less of a challenge as time goes on. Here is his update for this week, along with another past photo:

This week has finally been speeding up for me. The work is pretty good, we have about 5 progressing investigators. One of them is on track to get baptized, hopefully by the 14th! His name is Oziel. He is a joven (youth), about 18 years old, and he has been progressing well. We also received a couple of referrals, which are two households. One is a mom and 3 kids, and the other is a couple and 1 kid. Both households are doing really well. They both came to stake conference yesterday, which is amazing.

Also, another miracle happened this week. When we were going to an appointment to teach one of our investigators, we found that his power was turned off. We walked up the street a couple of houses to a tienda (small shop in the front of the home) to buy a candle for light. All the candle holders here look like cups a picture of a catholic figure on it. So my companion asked for a candle and the guy asked if we wanted a Peter, Virgin Mary, or a blank candle. My companion told him he just wanted the blank one. I’m not exactly sure what he said but it was something like, “We don’t worship saints, we Worship Jesus Christ”, or something similar. That made the guy ask some questions, and that quickly lead to the topic of the Book of Mormon. He asked if he could have one. We gave him one and invited him to read it, then call us about it. So a few days later, we came back to the tienda. They man wasn’t there, but the tender’s daughter and his wife were. After talking with them, the wife told us that she has read it a little bit. This is a miracle because this never happens here. There are not enough copies of the book of Mormon to give to people on the street unless we really feel that they will take it seriously. I am hopeful that we will be able to teach them the gospel soon.

Goodbye for now,

Elder Miner


Christmas Time in Saltillo, Mexico