Here is an excerpt of Bronson’s letter this week. It looks like he is doing well.

I have two experiences this week. For the Tuesday devotional, Elder L. Tom Perry (of the quorum of the twelve apostles) spoke on how we will not go into the mission field alone. He was talking about when Alma of the Book of Mormon was young, he had a lot of responsibility put on him. We need to be patient and loving in our missions and our lives. He used Doctrine and Covenants section 42 to explain that we will not go alone in to the field. Same thing with life. We will always have the Lord on our side, wherever we go.

Today, we went to the visitor’s center next to the closed temple for our temple day. We got to take a tour where we saw Christ statue. Then we saw video about the apostles and prophet we have today. Next we went to another room to see a video about the family and the plan of salvation. That really hit me because I realized that within five years (tops:) after my mission, I will begin a family of my own. The spirit was really strong. On the way to the temple we got to drive through the city. That was cool and SCARY!

Standing in front of the Mexico City Temple
Breakfast at the CCM
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Driving Through Mexico City
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