Bronson is enduring the heat in Acuña. He has a few more weeks until the next transfer, which will likely be his last. He thinks he will be moved to one last area. This month the mission received a brand new mission president from Payson, UT. His name is Kevin Cahoon and he was a dentist there. Here are some excerpts from some recent letters.

This last week we went to Piedras Negras with the rest of the zone to meet our new mission president (president Cahoon). He doesn’t speak Spanish that well, but he is going to get his speaking skills where they need to be. Sister Cahoon doesn’t speak Spanish at all, but she is super nice.

We have to move houses because the owner of the current house is going to move in from Veracruz. So we have been looking for another house to rent. We have seen a couple and now we have to wait to see what Hermana Lugo says about them (she is a senior missionary in the office that is in charge of missionary housing and finances). Everyone from here is also from Veracruz, including my companion. He feels right at home with all the people here. It’s super weird that this little city is full of people from Veracruz.

So this past week has pretty crazy. First, it was changes/transfers (I’m staying in Acuña). We decided to do companion exchanges with one of the districts during the first week of this change so that we can establish goals and visions of what we want to accomplish. Up here in Acuña, it’s harder to do exchanges because the areas are really far away from each other. But we still have to do them. They went really well though. This week it looks like we are going to do some more companion exchanges with the other district in the zone. We are also going to be interviewed by the mission president this week too. Oh yeah, and we have to change houses before the end of the month.

We were able to baptize young single mom with a 3 year old kid on Saturday. She was probably the most prepared person that I have ever seen. In 4 weeks, she went from not knowing anything to looking like a super-faithful member. She has attended church every week since we met her. It’s amazing to see these changes in people here. In order to be baptized, she had to make several very substantial life changes. As missionaries, you can’t just tell someone that they have to change everything in order to get baptized. All you can do is teach them correct principles, challenge them to make the right choice, and let them decide. Anyway, she is still super happy that she was able to be baptized. She is such an amazing example of sacrifice in order to keep the commandments. It was super amazing to see that.

Guess what…We got kicked out of our house!!! Just kidding. The house owner told us a month ago that he and his family have to move in. They are coming from another part of Mexico called Veracruz. It took a lot of effort, but we finally found one that is a little smaller but it works just fine. It was a really good experience in that we had to go through the whole process from looking to moving in.

We have another family that was referred to us because they moved up here from Veracruz. They were listening to the missionaries down there and were going to church, but they had to move. So, we pretty much got another miracle that fell from the sky who want to be baptized. I think that they are going to be baptized this week. We are doing all we can to get them to meet that goal.

Oh, and Maria was baptized. The service went really well. She is doing well, going to church and everything.

The next transfers are in two weeks. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be leaving Acuña.

Elder Bronson Miner

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