Bronson is doing well in Saltillo. He is immersed in the language, especially since he has a native companion. That temporarily changed last week as you will read below. If you noticed the lack of photos, it is because we haven’t received any for a while. He is having an issue with the SD card reader, and can’t get the photos from the card to his email. We’re working hard on it and should have the problem resolved soon. In the meantime, I’ll add my favorite picture so far to this post.

I had my first companion exchange on Friday. It was very cool because I got an american companion. He had some different teaching techniques that I really like.

Earlier this week, I was feeling really down, and I couldn’t communicate with anyone. I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I have been praying for a chance to do something. I prayed specifically for a distinct impression to do a street contact with someone. That day I was listening for that impression, and as we were walking past a lady with her 2 kids, I felt it and acted on it by introducing myself and starting the contact. I really felt that God does answer my prayers.

It has also been really cold and rainy here. But the work is still good. We have 1 investigator who we think will get baptized by the end of this transfer. His name is Oziel, and he is 18. He is going through the lessons pretty well.


Elder Miner

Last district picture from the Mexico City CCM