Bronson has been asked to serve as both a District Leader and a Trainer. He is really excited about both. He had a baptism last week, with another couple scheduled for baptism, which is great for his area. We appreciate everyone’s prayers in his behalf. Here are some excerpts from his last few letters.

I’m staying in Monclova Del Rio as a DISTRICT LEADER AND A TRAINER!! This time, though, I get to train a brand new missionary. My new companion, Elder Hernandez, is Latino, and that is all I know about him. My district consists of me and my companion and a couple of other companionships. Elder Day (my old companion) is going down to Saltillo.

We weren’t able to baptize Adrian last week. It IS, however, going to happen either this week or next week. We are also teaching a mom and dad who are really interested in everything we are teaching. They have been to church a couple of times, and when we proposed a goal date with them, they got really excited. They are progressing really well.

The training is going really well. Elder Hernandez is really good at teaching and is really into working hard as a missionary. I am really excited to get to work with him. We have been working really hard to find more people to teach.

We were able to baptize Adrian this week!! The service went very smoothly and I was able to baptize him. Now we’re working with his family to accept the gospel and set a baptismal date. The family is really special. The mom Adriana and the sister Cyntia remind me of Mom and Lauren because they are always talking to each other as if they were sisters. It’s fun to watch.

This week we plan on baptizing another couple!! Juan and Emeteria. They are really progressing well and love going to church and knowing more about the gospel. Their baptism will be really special as well.

The weather is actually really nice right now. It was pretty cold, but it only lasted for one day. Now it feels like spring-summer again. My companion is telling me that he hopes he gets sent to Saltillo for the really hot part of summer because he’s from Pachuca Hidalgo (Mexico). It’s normally really cold there.

That’s it for this week.

Elder Bronson Miner

Elder Hernandez, Adrian, and Me
Adrian with his mom, sister, and brother
Picking up my new companion, Elder Hernandez
All of the trainers with their new missionaries
Missionaries and Youth in the Monclova Del Rio ward
Beautiful Mexican sunset
Super big pizza with the other elders in our ward on p-day. Me, Elder Hernandez, Elder Fisk, and Elder Smith.