This post will include two or three weeks of updates, and pictures! Bronson has had two more baptisms since the last update: Paola and Miriam. He celebrated his 19th birthday this past week and looks great! Despite the heat, he continues to do well.


I got my birthday package last Tuesday. It was awesome! A bunch of the people from the ward told me that we are so going to celebrate my birthday.  The bishop told us to go over to his house to eat carne asada (roast) on my birthday. I’m also planning on buying myself a cake 🙂 .

Elder Velazco in our zone, was in an accident last week. He was pinned against a guardrail by a car that lost control. The driver took off and was never found. Elder. It was weird because that morning we were with him in our zone meeting, and he was hit that afternoon. All of the elders in the zone are taking turns to stay with him in the hospital. My turn was last Friday. I think prayers for him would be appreciated. The news story about the accident went viral in all of Mexico within 3 days. He and his companion are also in Monclova. Their area is next to a really big road, but we are not near that area. He is acutally doing way better but the injury was really serious. All his tendons and ligaments in his right leg detached, along with a compound fracture in his leg. The doctor said he is handling it really well. The members here have been great in helping with everything.

Well, the only other thing is that it is really hot here, and we had another baptism.

I hope you guys have a great week. We’ll see how the transfers will be for this next change. (monday-new change) I’m pretty sure I will be staying here.

(the following week…)

My companion, Elder Rosales, is going to Saltillo and I’m staying here. I will be with elder Vielma. I will tell you more about him later.

This week we had another baptism!! Her name is Miriam, age 11, and she’s really great. She is one of those newly baptized members, along with Paola, who really gets the meaning of her baptism. The baptism service was really great. The water filled up the font faster than usual, and there was a good turnout. We did something new for the program which worked really well. We asked all the 10 to 13 year olds that were there to bear their testimony about baptism or the holy ghost. So 3 kids were there, and they each bore their testimony. The last girl said that she knows that baptism is really important for us and that Miriam was going to feel really happy and special inside because that was how she felt at her baptism. It was really special and the spirit was definitely there!

We also had an awesome activity with the ward on Friday. Each zone in the mission received a copy of Meet the Mormons for the purpose of ward activities. We are one of the first who did the activity. It went really well. We invited the whole ward and just under half came, which is really good for such short notice. The bishop’s wife bought a huge bag of chippy things  (not sure what they are called) and soda for the activity. It was just a great activity. I took a picture of the little invitations we made.

Thanks for your support!

Elder Bronson Miner

Elder Rosales
Paola and her family
Paola just before her baptism
Me and Paola
Elder Rosales, Miriam, and me
Elder Rosales, Miriam, and me
Miriam and her family
Elder Rosales and Miriam
One happy missionary 🙂
Invitation we made for the ward activity
My study space
“I Love My City Monclova”
New record (INSIDE the apartment)
My district
The Monclova zone
My reaction to Hostess Cupcakes on my birthday
Birthday cornbread cake
Eating some birthday cornbread cake with Laura, me, Elder Rosales, Paola, Lizz, and Hermano Cardenas
The rest of the Cardenas family. They are great!
The Bishop with one of the babies in the ward
Elder Rosales rolling flour tortillas
Rolling flour tortillas
Making flour tortillas by hand
My birthday package arrived!
Last day with Elder Rosales
My new companion, Elder Vielma