It looks like the camera problem has been solved. It turns out that one of the SD cards he took has been corrupted. We are hoping that all the pictures he took up until now can be somehow salvaged from the card. For now he has switched cards and everything seems to be working again. Unfortunately, still no pictures to share this week.

I asked Bronson to share a little about his current companion, in addition to his regular update which includes some links to some great media that the Church has put out recently. Here’s what I got back:

My companion is Elder J. Vargas. He is from Mexico City, and this is his last change (he is heading home this week). He has a lot of experience training, because I am his third trainee. He wants to be a teacher when he gets back home.  I have noticed that he is really good at saying what he wants to say, and he really knows what he is doing. He is the third oldest, I believe, of 8 children.

Our P-days (“preparation” days) are usually spent doing laundry for 3 hours-because there is only one little washer- at a members house, then we take it home and hang it up to dry. We go grocery shopping, write letters, and clean the house. The grocery store is about a 20 minute walk down town. We then take a taxi home with all of our groceries. I have been able to get some exercise in, in the mornings. I’m trying not to miss a day. There was a weight room in the MTC and I went with a couple of the elders in my district. They were both way into that stuff before the mission.

This week has been pretty good for me. It’s the end of the change (transfer) tomorrow, which means most of the missionaries in the mission are moving around. I’m staying put though here in Saltillo. The weather has been trying to warm up, then it plunges into the cold again and takes a couple days to warm back up.

Please take some time to do a couple of things for me. They will make your day better. In the Liahona magazine, read “Look to God Each Day” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson.  Also, play this video, mute it, and play the audio from this video at the same time. It’s a talk by Elder Holland.  I promise it will have an affect on you.

Thanks for writing, and have a good week!


Elder Bronson Miner

I Love Saltillo