This message from Bronson is short and to the point. However, we got to talk (Skype) with him for an hour and a half yesterday! He looks great, and was grinning from ear to ear almost the entire time. His Spanish is sounding quite good, and he even translated for us so we could speak to the family that was letting him use their computer to talk to us.

I’m going to MONCLOVA!! It’s the next city up from Saltillo. I don’t know anything else about it yet, but the area I’ll be serving in is called Bella Vista. I just need to pack and take a bus there tomorrow morning at around 8.

Love you guys!!!

Elder Miner

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See, I'm really in Mexico!
See, I’m really in Mexico!
Elder Johnson and his family

This is the family that graciously let us borrow their computer to call home!
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