Bronson has written several times since the last update. He has also provided lots of pictures. He is now serving in Acuña, which is on the border of Texas, 150 miles due west of San Antonio. He is serving as a Zone Leader and is absolutely loving mission life. Enjoy!

The highlight of the week I think is being able to go to all of general conference. We had to go to the stake center to see it because they didn’t show it in our chapel. We were able to watch all of conference there in english. My companion, Elder Hernández, watched the first session in English, then the rest in Spanish. I was so proud that he watched it in English and he understood pretty much all of it. He is getting pretty good at English. We have been working really hard these past couple of weeks on his English.

I liked conference because I was able to get some help that I have been looking for over the past few months. I didn’t know what it was until I watched conference. I learned what I can do to finish my mission in the best way possible with the fullest of joy.

We weren’t able to get any people to come see conference. We tried really hard to get a bunch of people there, but once again, they all bailed on us. This week we are going to try super hard to get everything ready for Adriana’s baptism (Wednesday), and Emanuel and Marin (Saturday). So we’ll see how that goes this week.

This week is the last week of the change as well. We are going to see what will happen next change. We are pretty sure that I will be leaving this area. If I am staying, I will be super surprised.

Oh yeah… Last p-day we made homemade hamburgers at our house. They were super good for only having an avocado, tomato and mayo. That was the first real food that I have been able to make with my companion in the mission, since we get fed so well.

Well, here goes the last week with elder Hernánadez, which is super sad. He has been the best companion that I have had on the mission. There is no doubt that we will go on a vacation down in Hidalgo, Mexico!

You are not going to believe what has happened for the changes… The APs called me yesterday to tell me that I will be a ZONE LEADER!!!! Yep. I had no idea that was going to happen until Wednesday. On Monday, the assistants called me and told me that I had been invited to go to the Leadership Council in Saltillo with all the other zone leaders, which happens every month. So, when I got there, I was welcomed by many old friends– that is something else I didn’t realize, that I know pretty much all of the zone leaders. I thought I would be going down there with a bunch of other district leaders like they did once before about a year ago. But no. I was the only district leader that was invited in the whole mission. and Everyone there told me that they think that it’s because I was going to be called as a zone leader. Well, it happened. I am going to be a zone leader at the US boarder in ACUÑA. This will be a super amazing change. I am really sad at the same time to have to leave elder Hernandez. My new comp is Elder Ninataype from Utah. He was my first zone leader when I got here on the mission, so I think that he will be super excited to be companions with me. Wooo! This is going to be awesome! Looks like I will be taking the famous 6 1/2 hour bus ride all the way up to Acuña tomorrow.

Well, we were able to baptize Adriana!!! That was kind of hard because there were a few problems that came up that made it to not want to get baptized until the next week. With a lot of prayer and a little persuasion, she agreed it’ll be way more worth it to get baptized now rather than wait. She was perfectly ready. She didn’t want that many people at the baptismal service, so we respected her wishes. She was baptized! She got confirmed the next day in church as well. That just feels amazing being able to be a part of the conversion of their family. Now the next elders’ task is getting their dad to want to listen, because he doesn’t want anything to do with the Church.

There were a lot of changes that happened in the zone, so now the zone leaders’ area is in our area (the one I am leaving right now), which is super cool because now our area is productive enough to host the zone leaders. It is super amazing as well because about a year ago, our area was closed because there was nothing happening here. It was the area that no one wanted to go to. Now, it’s pretty much the opposite. Oh, la mission.

Elder Bronson Miner

Adriana just got baptized!
Adrian, Adriana, and Cinthya (and son). AWESOME family!
Hanging out on P-day
This coconut milk tasted like sea water.
Elder Hernandez and Elder Miner
Random horses
Missionary activity in the park.
My shoelaces are at the “end of their rope”
Adrian and Elder Miner
I’m A-OK!