It looks like Bronson and Elder Vielma are staying in Monclova for another 6 weeks. He’s happy about that and is excited to continue working in Monclova. Here are some recent email excerpts and photos. Enjoy!

It isn’t getting any cooler here, but it did stop getting hotter.

The only animals here are dogs and there are a million of them! All the dogs that have owners are really aggressive, so it’s hard to walk down a street without a dog wanting to kill us. There are a couple of occasions where we have seen a lizards in our apartment. That one in the picture – while trying to catch it in a cup it ran up the outside of my pant leg and I screamed and gently flicked it off.

We had another baptism this week!! His name is Angel (aka Kenny), he is 13 years old. His family is inactive but they live on the same block as their grandparents (like a lot of families). His grandparents take him and his little brother to church every Sunday. He has been going to church all of his life, but hasn´t been baptized until now. So his uncle asked us to try to teach him what he needed to do in order to be baptized because he wants to go to the temple with the rest of his family. We have been working with him for about 3 months. He lost interest and didn’t like the lessons. Then suddenly these last two weeks he wanted to be baptized because he is going to EFY in Monterrey with all the other youth. So we tried hard to help him to retain everything we taught, and to explain it back to us. And… he was baptized by his grandpa! It was really great because a lot of people came to the baptism, including almost all the youth in the ward.

Other than Kenny’s baptism, the work has died down somewhat. We spend our time finding people to teach. But, we do what we have to do.

Changes (transfers) are today, but only a few people in the zone are being moved. My companion and I are staying here in the Bellavista ward in Monclova (WHOOOOO! ??), so I will be here at least until September! We are hoping to start this change well to progress this area.

Dad mentioned in his letter that having so much success as far as baptisms is a luxury that many other missionaries don’t have. I have thought about how different this mission is. There are a lot of baptisms here compared to a lot of the other missions of my friends and relatives. But believe it or not, there are still missions farther south in Mexico and Central America that have around 5 times more baptisms than we do. I still feel really lucky that we have been able to baptize so many people.

Have a great week! Tell everyone I love them!

Elder Bronson Miner

Angel (aka Kenny) and his grandfather
Bellavista ward youth, supporting Kenny at his baptism. The couple next to the grandfather are the Young Men and Young Women leaders (married), and are also Kenny’s aunt and uncle.
Yay for baptism food!
Elder Vielma with some of the youth. Daniel (in pink) is not a member yet.
The awesome Monclova zone
Improvising a homemade ice cream machine. Powered by “Armstrong”.
Waiting for ice cream
Service project where we cleared all the dead grass and planted trees
Elder Vielma and Elder Miner
Mexican rodent