Bronson is doing very well in Monclova. He is finishing up training Elder Day, and they are seeing some success, at least with teaching people. He continues to soak up the culture, and is really enjoying the food. He’s been really good about sending lots of pictures, many of which I’ve included in this post. Enjoy!

So these past few weeks have been pretty hard. We have an investigator who is 17. His name is Alejandro, and he is a little shy. We have taught him pretty much everything that we need to teach him for before his baptism. The only thing is that he needs to do is go to church at least 3 more times. The rule here for baptisms is that they should have attended church 5 times before they can be interviewed for baptism. He has a fear of going to church where he doesn’t know anyone. We are working with him by bringing some of the young men with us to the lessons. As of right now, his goal date is December 5th.

Speaking of December, everything is starting to turn into Christmas. There wasn’t much celebrating on Halloween or the Day of the Dead. One thing that does happen on the Day of the Dead is that everyone goes to the cemetery to eat food and party right where their family members are buried.

It has started to get really cold. It was probably only 60, but it felt like winter! I had to use a sweater to keep warm.

This week Elder Day and I were trying to contact people by going to their homes. We had been alternating who did the talking and who picked the house. On one of Elder Day’s turns to do the talking (I felt impressed to go to a certain house). It was kind of funny because Elder day was saying something to me and I had to cut him off to tell him that we needed to “go to that house”. He used the Book of Mormon right there on the door step and testified that if the woman (who answered the door) would read it, she would be able to find out if it was true. I honestly wasn’t expecting this, but she let us in and let us teach her. We will see where that goes this week. I hope that she will let us come back.

The people in this area of Monclova are really different. It seems that everyone is Catholic. They actually are more open than they were in my last Monclova area. There is also a lot of rejection, but that is the same anywhere you go. Our DOM (ward mission leader) isn’t active right now because of his work, so we have to work without the help a mission leader would normally provide. We are hoping that the ward is getting a little better because they say that it has been going down hill for a while now. We have planned an activity for this week, so wee will see how that will go.

The training (of Elder Day) is going really well. I honestly think that he is training me more than I am training him.  He is fresh out of the MTC and has helped me with the little things that have faded with time. Like Contacting with the Book of Mormon and simple testimonies. Even though it’s a little hard, I am enjoying being the trainer. The hardest thing is trying to accept that people have their agency and don’t always use it in the best way– like going to church. But the funnest thing is to see how powerful and real the spirit is and how it can change the hearts of anyone who humbles themselves to listen.

Here’s a fun topic: Food! I ate the first super disgusting thing this week! It’s called menudo, which is cow stomach stew. I also had a green soup-like dish posole. That one was super good though. I’ve actually had lots of great meals served from members (pictures below).

Recently we had a day where we were able to get to every single one of our planned appointments ON TIME (rare). We had been praying that Heavenly Father would let us find new people to teach and we would be able to get to all the appointments right on time. That was the most amazing thing because this area is known for not having ANY work at all, and we almost got 9 people to church. Somehow none of them came for a lot of different reasons. But we are planning to get some of the members–younger members– to help us with some of the lessons so that we can get some confidence and fellowshipping with both the members and the investigators. At least that’s the plan.

I saw all the letters from the primary. Those were amazing!!! Tell them thanks for all the letters, and everything is going really well. I don’t remember who, but someone asked if they should be a missionary, I think that being a missionary would and will be the best decision you could make. It has taught me a lot of things about life and about the gospel.

We were able to eat a lot on thanksgiving, but it was kind of on accident. We showed up to our lunch appointment, and they forgot that we were coming over. So they told us to go a couple streets over to our church building and wait for them to bring us food. They bought us fried chicken, breaded fries, 2 pizzas, spaghetti, and soda. We considered that as our Thanksgiving dinner because there was so much food, and we were planning on just buying chicken and pizza anyway.

Love to all,

Elder Bronson Miner

Christmas package from home!
Making Star Wars snowflakes with safety scissors and a butcher knife
Baby Groot snowflake
Scout Trooper snowflake
P-day exercise with my district
Our Thanksgiving feast!
Yummy food
Good food = happy Elder!
More good food
Even more good food