Bronson is still plugging away in Acuña as Zone Leader. He’s running around his zone doing lots of baptismal interviews for his District Leaders, while keeping his own area running. He truly loves being a missionary and serving the people of Mexico. He is (and always has been) a man of few words, but what he writes, it’s powerful. Here are some excerpts and photos from his last few letters.

This week was great! We are getting into the groove with finding new people to teach. Most of our existing teaching pool weren’t progressing that much. But now we have a group of investigators with a lot of potential.

A woman named Jessica came to church on the first week of June. We challenged her with a baptismal date for the first week on July. She is amazing. In church she shared her testimony in the gospel principles class. It was really cool, because she came to church with her son, a little scared, like everyone new who comes. But in the class, everyone started participating a lot and she actually talked and made a comment about her experience with us coming to her house to teach her. We are very hopeful and optimistic that she will keep her baptism date.

Here it’s pretty hot. Last week it was raining quite a bit, so the heat mixed with the rain made it super humid all week. Today, it’s just pure sun. Well, I guess it’s not too lucky, but I think it’s better than walking around all day in humidity. It’s at about 32-35 C (90-95 F) every day right now. They say that it’s only the beginning of what is to come of the canicula (closest translation = “dog days”) here in Acuña.

This week was very busy because I needed to do many interviews for the district leaders in my zone. The zone ended up baptizing four this week. One of those was ours. We baptized him on Saturday, but couldn’t confirm him the next day because he didn’t come to church! He’s the brother of Andy who got baptized last week.

Today we will be doing an activity where we will be giving away copies of the Book of Mormon downtown. We did this during our leadership council in Saltillo and our president wants all of the zones to try it.

-Elder Bronson Miner
Andy’s Brother’s Baptism
Happy Elder
Andy’s Baptism
Couple Baptism