Here is the latest from Bronson. He has moved to Monclova, which is the hottest and driest part of the mission. Notice the picture below that shows the temperature INSIDE the apartment at 10:30 PM! Even in the heat, Bronson seems to be thriving. His latest email seems a little dis-jointed, but it’s because he was answering specific questions we had for him. Enjoy!

My new companion (Elder Rosales) is from Ecuador. He is really funny and we are always laughing. We also bought some toy tops that all the kids play with here. Yes, they do sell corn on the cob here, it’s more of a snack for the people here. They call them “ecotes” and they eat them with chili powder and some kind of creme (like in Nacho Libre). Our area is really long. It takes about an hour to walk from one side to the other. We rarely do that because it is really sunny and hot here. We live in the upper floor of some members in the ward. The ward is really awesome here. They all help a lot with the mission work. We are teaching all of our current investigators in the house of a member, which is really awesome. We are looking at probably 4 baptisms over next month and a half. I’ll give you more info about them next week.


Elder Bronson Miner

Elder Johnson and Elder Miner
92 degrees and 10:30 PM. This is INSIDE!
Helping the bishop and his wife prepare food for the ward Mother’s Day Party
Musical number by some guys in the ward
Notice what room they are in for the ward party.
Our study area
Elder Miner and Elder Rosales
Elder Miner and Elder Rosales