Bronson comes home next Wednesday, November 9th. Words cannot express how proud we are of him and his diligent service in Mexico. He has grown to truly love the people. He has worked hard and seen many miracles. As we read his letters each week, they focused on the work happening in the area, and how each person was progressing. We have seen him transform into a confident, caring, and competent adult. And we can’t wait to see him! Here are some excerpts from recent emails…

This week we found a man and his grandson. It’s a family of a grandfather who lives with his grand kids. The kids’ mother died a few years ago and their grandfather was the only person to help care for them. They are progressing amazingly well. They went to church in the first week which is unheard of. We are doing all we can to get the ward to help them progress as well. It’s great to get something going. We have been working hard because of the talk that Elder Andersen gave in general conference and said that there are people who are ready to hear the gospel wherever you are in the world. With that we found the chosen ones in on of the most challenging areas in Saltillo.

Things have been a little better considering the zone here. We have been doing a proselyting activity every week to help the struggling areas get more people progressing and we have been seeing results. We found another man who is super prepared to receive the gospel. We only met him last night, but this week we are going to go more with him to prepare him to go to church with his uncle who is a recent convert. So good things are happening. 🙂

We are teaching another man who has been humbled lately because of things that have happened to him. He has had a hard life, but now he is ready to come closer to God. We are going to work hard to help this guy to progress.This week has been a hard. We are still struggling to keep Manuel and Alejandro afloat. Keep the prayers coming, and don’t be afraid to be super specific in your prayers.

The area has been better. We’ve found a couple new people that seem that they are going to progress a lot better that any of the other people. The guy I told you about last week that wants us to teach him, we are now teaching his son as well. He is really smart. He’s 14 and progressing a lot. He went to church with his uncle who’s a recent convert. He has a baptismal date for the 12th of November. He heard about the temple and family history at church and really wants to go and visit the temple. So we put his date for the week before they go to the temple as a ward. That is the best thing that could happen to an investigator; wanting to go to the temple and having baptism as a goal, but as a step closer to get to the temple. woo!!

Halloween here is much different than in the states. It’s called “Day of the Dead”. They make Pan de Muerto bread and skulls and candy and a lot of food and stuff. It’s pretty much “go to the graveyard and decorate your ancestor’s grave with a bunch of stuff. Day.”

See you on Wednesday!

Elder Bronson Miner

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