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Finding Joy in Serving

Alejandro Was Baptized on Saturday!

Bronson and his companion had a baptism. His name is Alejandro. Read all about the exciting day of the baptism below! Also, we were able to Skype with him on Christmas day for an hour and a half. We had a lot of laughs and even took some pictures. Alejandro was baptized on Saturday! How did it happen? Well, it’s a really long story. On the morning of the baptism,.. Read More

Menudo es No Bueno

Bronson is doing very well in Monclova. He is finishing up training Elder Day, and they are seeing some success, at least with teaching people. He continues to soak up the culture, and is really enjoying the food. He’s been really good about sending lots of pictures, many of which I’ve included in this post. Enjoy! So these past few weeks have been pretty hard. We have an investigator who.. Read More

I’m Going Back To Monclova!

First things first: Hurricane Patricia. The storm ended up going right through Saltillo, which is about 200 miles south of Bronson’s current location. By the time it got to Saltillo, though, it had been downgraded significantly to a tropical depression. Winds were only at 25 mph at that point. To be honest, I’m not sure that Bronson even knew about the storm. He didn’t mention anything about it. No news.. Read More

You Want To Be Baptized TODAY?

It’s been a few weeks since the last update. Bronson has been transferred to a new City called Nueva Rosita, which means “new little rose”. He had a funny experience with his last baptism and the baptismal font, which you can read about below. Enjoy! I have been transferred to a city called Nueva Rosita. It’s north of my last area by about 50 miles or so.  I loved working.. Read More

Bronson, a Sombrero, and Demolition – Sounds Like A Great Name For a Band

I’ve saved up a few more emails from Bronson and combined excerpts of them into this blog post. His emails are not lengthy, but we can feel his strength and enthusiasm coming through. It sounds like the weather is cooling down a bit, as is his teaching pool. Enjoy the update! This week was really not that exciting. We had to stay home over the weekend because Elder Vielma’s foot has been.. Read More

Lizards, Ice Cream, and a Baptism, Oh My!

It looks like Bronson and Elder Vielma are staying in Monclova for another 6 weeks. He’s happy about that and is excited to continue working in Monclova. Here are some recent email excerpts and photos. Enjoy! It isn’t getting any cooler here, but it did stop getting hotter. The only animals here are dogs and there are a million of them! All the dogs that have owners are really aggressive, so it’s hard.. Read More

Ice Cream Bars Are Like Heaven!

It’s hard to believe, but Bronson hit is 8-month mark this week. Time is really flying by! He continues to see success in finding, teaching, and baptizing people, but the work has slowed down somewhat. His spirits remain high and he looks great!  Here are some excerpts and photos from his last few emails: This week was our ward conference. It was probably the best one that I have seen. Every.. Read More

I’m Planning On Buying Myself a Cake

This post will include two or three weeks of updates, and pictures! Bronson has had two more baptisms since the last update: Paola and Miriam. He celebrated his 19th birthday this past week and looks great! Despite the heat, he continues to do well.   I got my birthday package last Tuesday. It was awesome! A bunch of the people from the ward told me that we are so going.. Read More

Road Trip To The Temple!

Bronson continues to do well. He has several people preparing for baptism (see previous post). Not a lot to report on this week, as you can see by Bronson’s brief excerpts below, but we got lots of pictures from a trip he took to the Monterrey temple! He also just found out that he now has 90 minutes instead of 60 on his P-day (preparation day) to write emails! Hopefully.. Read More

Monclova es Muy Caliente!

Here is the latest from Bronson. He has moved to Monclova, which is the hottest and driest part of the mission. Notice the picture below that shows the temperature INSIDE the apartment at 10:30 PM! Even in the heat, Bronson seems to be thriving. His latest email seems a little dis-jointed, but it’s because he was answering specific questions we had for him. Enjoy! My new companion (Elder Rosales) is.. Read More