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Finding Joy in Serving

I Got An American Companion (for a day)

Bronson is doing well in Saltillo. He is immersed in the language, especially since he has a native companion. That temporarily changed last week as you will read below. If you noticed the lack of photos, it is because we haven’t received any for a while. He is having an issue with the SD card reader, and can’t get the photos from the card to his email. We’re working hard.. Read More

Tiendas Are Everywhere, And They’re Awesome!

Eureka! We found Bronson!   I’m in the Cañada ward in Saltillo (in the Miravalle stake). The area is pretty big, and it’s on the bench of a mountain. We share the ward with another companionship, but we never see them except on Sunday. There isn’t even close to as many fireworks as in Mexico City, but there are still some explosion sounds at night. I gave a talk in.. Read More

We Think He’s in Saltillo

Bronson traveled to his first area last week from the CCM. Unfortunately, in his letters, he forgot to tell us exactly what city he is in. 🙂 Anyway, here are some excerpts from those letters. No pictures this week. I’m finally here in my new area. My new companion is nice and he is Latino. He has been helping me out with my Spanish, and other missionary habits. I have.. Read More

A Full-Sized Two-Handed Sword

This was the week we (Bronson’s family) have been waiting for… The phone call! Bronson called right on schedule and we got to speak with him for 30 minutes on Christmas Day. He sounded so happy, healthy, and excited! Next Monday, January 5th, he will be heading out to his assigned mission, in Saltillo, Mexico. When he arrives he will meet with his mission president, and spend a day or.. Read More

Be Patient and Loving In Our Missions and In Our Lives

Here is an excerpt of Bronson’s letter this week. It looks like he is doing well. I have two experiences this week. For the Tuesday devotional, Elder L. Tom Perry (of the quorum of the twelve apostles) spoke on how we will not go into the mission field alone. He was talking about when Alma of the Book of Mormon was young, he had a lot of responsibility put on.. Read More

That Feeling is Like Velcro

Bronson has been in the Mexico City CCM for a week now. Words can’t describe how hard it has been for us (his family) to wait for that first real email, to make sure he is doing ok. We got that email today, and I think it is safe to say that he is doing well. He doesn’t mention this, but one of the Elders in his district is the oldest son.. Read More

Taquitos Don’t Exist Here

On early Wednesday morning, 4:15 AM to be exact, we headed for the Salt Lake International Airport. We got to spend 45 minutes or so with Bronson before he went through security and to his gate with a host of other missionaries headed to the Mexico City MTC. There were a lot of other missionary families there saying their goodbyes, which somehow made our goodbyes a little easier. When we.. Read More

7 Days Left

One week from today we will drop Bronson off at the Salt Lake International Airport. He will fly directly (with a layover in Atlanta) to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center, or MTC (In Spanish, it’s CCM – Centro de Capacitatión Misional). 2 weeks ago, he got to go to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City to finish up the paperwork for his Mexican visa. He was able to meet.. Read More

T-Minus 2 Months!

Well now it’s t-minus two months and counting. All I’m doing is working. Since it’s the end of the summer, and my previous job washing windows with my uncle Craig is winding down, I got one last job at Boostability as a “fulfillment specialist”. I’m not exactly sure what the job entails, but I will find out tomorrow morning when I start training. My hope is that this will be.. Read More

The Beginning

I didn’t have this blog before I did all of my papers but here’s what I can remember from then. After my bishop unlocked the missionary portal for my papers, I went home and started it right away with my dad. For me, doing my missionary application (aka. “papers”) was pretty simple. It’s just like doing a college application, but without all the essays. I still had to take care.. Read More