Bronson continues to do well. He has several people preparing for baptism (see previous post). Not a lot to report on this week, as you can see by Bronson’s brief excerpts below, but we got lots of pictures from a trip he took to the Monterrey temple! He also just found out that he now has 90 minutes instead of 60 on his P-day (preparation day) to write emails! Hopefully that will yield longer letters. 🙂

I went to the temple!! Elder Rosales (my companion) baptized a family a year ago. They worked hard and made it to the temple and we got to go with them! It was the best experience ever! The temple is pretty small. We had to go to Monterrey on a Greyhound-type bus which took 3 hours. We got there at around 3:00 in the afternoon and started the session at 4:30. When that was done, the family got sealed together. By the way, Monterrey is like Las Vegas but bigger and without most of the garbage (physical and moral).

It has been super hot here, and my arms are more tan than they’ve ever been. Luckily we bought hats this last week so I have not been burned on the face.

Lots of days here are hard, but I just need to press forward until the end because there is always something good at the end of something hard.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures I took!


Elder Bronson Miner

This is the family that went through the temple
Me in front of the Monterrey, Mexico temple
The Angel Moroni on top of the Monterrey temple
The temple was beautiful at night
Very nice fountain
Fountain up close
Monterrey Temple sign