Well now it’s t-minus two months and counting. All I’m doing is working. Since it’s the end of the summer, and my previous job washing windows with my uncle Craig is winding down, I got one last job at Boostability as a “fulfillment specialist”. I’m not exactly sure what the job entails, but I will find out tomorrow morning when I start training. My hope is that this will be a foot in the door for when I get back from my mission.

For those who are not aware, a mission costs exactly $400 per month. My parents are helping, but I want to pay for as much of it myself as I can. On top of that, I need to get the suits, shirts, socks, luggage, alarm clock, coat, ear muffs (not), messenger bag, and so on. My mom, dad, and I are starting to get the shopping done. So far I’ve acquired a few things like Spanish scriptures and a Spanish “Preach My Gospel” book so I can read a part in English then in Spanish.

On top of the bilingual study, I am also using another audio language program called “Pimsler” for some conversational phrases. I’ve heard that when I arrive at the Missionary Training Center in Mexico City, I will be fully immersed in the language. I’m thinking “dondé está el baño” and “I don’t-o want-o the spinach-o” will come in handy (Spanish language humor from my dad). Hopefully they will be kind to a fresh green kid from the states, at least until I get the hang of things.

I have been asked by a lot of people if I’m nervous about leaving. It hasn’t really “hit me” yet, but I’m sure it will soon.

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