On early Wednesday morning, 4:15 AM to be exact, we headed for the Salt Lake International Airport. We got to spend 45 minutes or so with Bronson before he went through security and to his gate with a host of other missionaries headed to the Mexico City MTC. There were a lot of other missionary families there saying their goodbyes, which somehow made our goodbyes a little easier. When we got home, I immediately grabbed my iPad and tracked his flights to Atlanta, then to Mexico City. it was somewhat comforting to know exactly where he was and when he arrived. Later that afternoon, we received a short email from Bronson. Here are the highlights:

So on the plane ride, I was super nervous. I couldn’t rest, and it just wasn’t a pleasant ride. The second plane ride was way better. There were a lot of missionaries, and there were more that added to our group. When we got to mexico, it was way different right when we landed. Their air-strip had security guards that had guns, and they were just standing at their posts. That was the first different thing that we saw out the window. The two Elders on either side of me are both in the Saltillo mission! Customs was weird too. There was no one there except for all of the missionaries and the other people that were just on our flight. When they stamped my passport, I went to get the rest of my luggage. The customs part is a push the button to see if the light is green or red to decide whether or not you get searched. Then we all meet up and got on buses to the CCM (MTC). The road was like a ride. The speed limit is pretty much how fast all the traffic can move at once without slowing down. The CCM is super big! When we got there they took all of our luggage and sent us to get some food. Then orientation, they said that the group of missionaries that came today was a group of 100.

All I have to say is that I’m super nervous–at times– yet super excited to start this adventure.  I love you so much! 🙂  I will be praying for you guys.

p.s. the date of the day and month is switched here (I leave around Jan 1). And Thursday is my P-day at the CCM.

p.p.s. Taquitos don’t exist here.

One last family picture
Tracking Bronson
Tracking Bronson with the Delta app