Bronson is staying in Monclova until at least mid-April. He says the heat is coming back and the sunscreen is coming out. He recently had an issue with his SD cards (used to store pictures from his camera) and we think he has lost most of his mission pictures. Luckily, he has been uploading several a week to a site I had set up, so it’s not a total loss. Overall he is still having a great time, teaching a lot, and baptizing. Here are a few excerpts from recent emails.

The baptism of Cinthya and Johan went really well. Neither of them were nervous. The service went really well too. The night before, we actually had a really simple ward activity. A bunch of people from the ward went to the church, where we shared a message, then played volleyball and ate some food. It was actually really fun and simple considering how little we were able to plan for it.

The best part about this baptism was Adrian. We baptized him 4 weeks ago. He received the priesthood in time to baptize his brother… and he did it!!!!! That was the best and the most spiritually impacting thing I have seen here on my mission. Seeing a recent convert that baptized his brother a few weeks later. wow.

We got the whole bishop thing worked out. We talked to the mission president and the stake president, and it all worked out. We are going to baptize him this Saturday! He came to church this Sunday,which is what the bishop wanted in the first place.

I’M NOT CHANGING (transferring)!! I will still be here in Monclova until the middle of April. Woohoo! I’ll be here to finish my “son’s” training. I’m also still district leader. We will see how the new elders are in my new district.

This week was really good. We were able to have a lot of lessons with members present. It helps so much better and one can feel the spirit a lot more when the members are there helping the missionaries with sharing their testimonies. It’s way better to have a lesson with a member present.

It rained a whole bunch last week. All the roads were full of water and we had to walk on the edge of the roads in order to not get wet. It also got super freezing those 2 days that it rained. We had to pull out the heater again from the closet. It is super weird because the last couple weeks, it has been really hot, and then suddenly a super cool down, now it’s hot again.

There was a new Church initiative that came out yesterday. We are getting new “pass along” cards to hand out to everyone. The new video looks really cool and we are hoping to get a ward activity going to show the video to everyone. I’m also getting really excited for conference that’s coming up soon. I love being able to see all the apostles and the prophet speaking to us.

This week we had Zone conference with the president. He is such an amazing teacher. He mainly talked about obedience, then he talked a lot about helping those we teach to make commitments to read the Book of Mormon, come to Church, and be baptized.

This week we did a little service project for one of the members in the ward. We moved a bunch of dirt into his yard to do some landscaping later. It has been getting a lot hotter here too. Last week it got pretty hot, then suddenly the next day, it rained then got super cold! I don’t get the weather here. It’s a whole lot crazier than back in Utah. I’m having to start to use full-on sunscreen again. Yay for the last canicula (super hot season)!

We have been finding a few new people, but not that many people have been progressing. We are trying to set a date goal with Adrian’s mom, but she doesn’t want it. She still doesn’t even want to think a bout being baptized. So it has been a little frustrating with that for the last little bit. We are doing what we can to find new people to be able to teach and get to church.

Elder Bronson Miner

Adrian, Cinthya, and Johan
Zone Conference
Me with Elder Hernandez.
Nice doggy!
My district getting a little exercise on P-day.
Time to eat!
Me and Elder Fisk.
Youth from the ward.
Elder Flores, Elder Miner, Elder Sauce, Elder Vielma, and Elder Murphy.