We are ecstatic that Bronson is doing so well. The little ward he is in has not seen new members for quite a long time. He is working hard and reaping the blessings. Here are a few excerpts and photos from some recent emails.

This week we baptized 3 people! A couple, Juan and Emeteria, were baptized along with another girl that we have been teaching from a recently-activated member. This little ward is finally starting to pick up a little bit. I think that all the baptisms that they are having helps. There haven’t been any baptisms in this ward for about a year and a half. I’m hoping and working hard with my companion and the other missionaries in the ward so that the momentum can pick up a little bit. It’s also amazing to see the fruits of our work here.

We are planning to baptize 3 more people on Saturday. Cinthya, Yohan, and Rodrigo. Cinthya and Yohan are Adrian’s siblings. They both finally have decided to get baptized and for the right reasons. They are really good at understanding what we teach them and Cinthya and her mom really like going to church and everything that they do there. Hopefully soon their mom will get baptized soon too.

I have a very strong testimony of exact obedience to the rules of the mission. The rules really do bring blessings to us and the members. Our mission has a new saying, “In this mission, we teach repentance and baptize converts.” All of the training in zone and district meetings are now focused on this theme. If you read in the Book of Mormon about any type of missionary work being done, they baptize people by repentance. The focus is to determine what the people need, then teach to that. You have to be really focused to discern their needs and know what you need to say.

I had to go back to Saltillo again today for immigration reasons. But I went down with Elder Lee and another American Elder. So we had 3 hours on a bus on the way to Saltillo and back. It turns out that Elder Lee and I have a lot in common. He lives in Utah, but only for the last year or so. He said that his dad has worked for Disney, Verizon, and a bunch of other companies. He and his dad are really into movies and movie making. We were talking about studying together at BYU for the animation and/or the film program. It sounded super cool. I hope that that goes somewhere.

This week we have plans to do a ward activity. We plan on inviting everyone and playing some volleyball at the church. We are hoping that people will come. We are really trying to find more new investigators, but we keep hitting ruts where all our plans fall through and we just end up walking around all day being rejected. That happened to us this week a couple times, it’s really frustrating when that happens.

Even with rejection, though, things are going really great. Thanks for all of your support and prayers!

Elder Bronson Miner

Juan and Emeteria
Elder Hernandez, cleaning the font before the baptism
Me and Elder Hernandez
Orange drink and pork rinds?
Baptism #3 this week!