Bronson is now back in Saltillo, where he started his mission. He’s actually in the same ward where he started, but on the other end of the area. He’s excited to likely finish his mission in this area, already knowing the people. He’ll be able to focus on the work instead of worrying about getting to know a whole new ward. We are so grateful for the way in which Bronson has served the last 22 months. He’s grown to love the Mexican people, and will miss them greatly when he leaves. Here are a few excerpts from his last few letters.

This week here, we were able to baptize the one daughter of the family we’ve been working with! She is super ready. This week, all of the Zone Leaders going to Saltillo again for the leadership council, so we will be taking another 9 hour bus ride Wednesday morning. Temperature-wise, it’s just getting hotter here. Next week we are going to have the changes in the mission. The next changes will probably tell me where I will finish my mission. I am really anxious to see where I will go. I’m sure I’ll be leaving Acuña because I have been here for months.

I got the changes! I will be going to Saltillo… AGAIN! I will be in the same ward that I started my mission in– La Canada with Elder Vazquez. I’m really excited to see how this next change goes.

This week has been really busy. First, we changed to our new areas. Then we had a training meeting with the Area seventy, Elder Valenzuela which was really cool. After that, all the leaders had to go 3 hours away to Monclova to do another training.

My new area (in Saltillo) is really cool and really rainy. Most the people here are going to school and/or working. So my area is a little higher on the ranking of lower/middle class. Everything is a lot cleaner here. I like this city. And the best part is that I already know most of the members here in this ward because I started the mission in the upper part of the ward. It’s super exciting not having to get to know everybody in the new area which makes it a little easier for me. I am really motivated to work as hard a I can to finish in the best way. This zone is the biggest zone in the mission as well with 18 missionaries.

This week was honestly super hard. My companion had back problems last week, and we had to go check with the doctor and he told him that he has to rest pretty much the whole week until Friday. So, Monday we had to scramble to get some companion exchanges set up in order to keep our area afloat. We are trying our best and working as hard as we can here.

For the first time on my mission, we are having troubles with finding the kind of success that we want. I feel that sometimes in life, things just don’t go the way we want them to. Many people we have seen here also have these kinds of troubles in their lives. Like Bishop Causse (presiding bishop) says, we are our own architects of our happiness. Whatever happens to us in life, it is our own personal duty to always keep the head high, and keep on going. As it says in 2 Nephi 2:25, “Adán cayó para que el hombre exticiesen, y el hombre existe para tener gozo.” (Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.) We are here to learn how to have joy, and how to find joy in everything that we do. Why do we go to church? because it gives us joy. Why do investigators listen to the missionaries? Because they felt a peace that gave them joy. Through righteous action, we can receive the blessings of joy in what we do. So, no matter what happens to us, we must have courage and keep going. As Elder Holland taught us, “Don’t you quit. You keep walking, you keep trying, there is help and happiness ahead.”


– Elder Bronson Miner

Have you ever seen a happier missionary?
Elder Miner and Elder Lee
Elder Miner and Elder Suarez
Elder Miner with a ward member (see the fires behind me?)