Bronson has been teaching a young man named Oziel. Read about his baptism below!

We baptized Oziel!! It was an amazing experience for me and especially for him. Lots of people came to the baptism. It helped a lot that the Torres family could be a big support for both me and him. They are a big family in the ward and are all really active in the Church.

Since the baptism, however, our teaching pool has been deteriorating. Most of our investigators from the past couple weeks have fallen into the “old” file, and we only have 2 interested people, and one more that is on the edge. It’s a lady named Andrea, and she has 2 girls. We are trying to hang on to her because she has been progressing so well. She wants/needs a job, but the one she got has her work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which is a problem. Working on Sunday is one really big problem here even for the members.

There is one lady named “Gabriela” who is bed-ridden in her house with cancer. We found her from a reference, and we have visited her a couple times. She is extremely faithful.  On our second visit with her we both felt impressed to share The Testaments video with her. Gabriela, her mom, and her aunt were all there to see it. Even though the concept is new for them, they were in tears after the movie. I’m hoping that they will continue to let us teach them.

Thank you guys for your prayers and support.

Hasta la siguente semana.


Elder Bronson Miner

Oziels Baptism
This is how cold it is in our house
Tons of room!
Tons of room!