Bronson traveled to his first area last week from the CCM. Unfortunately, in his letters, he forgot to tell us exactly what city he is in. 🙂

Anyway, here are some excerpts from those letters. No pictures this week.

I’m finally here in my new area. My new companion is nice and he is Latino. He has been helping me out with my Spanish, and other missionary habits. I have taught quite a few lessons already this week, and I have been called to talk in sacrament meeting next Sunday… in Spanish! The food here is the BEST. Every meal is different. Also, here they eat lunch at 2 PM and dinner at 8 or 9 PM, so we only eat lunch with the members. There has surely been a culture shock. The living conditions are way different than in the City. And in the real world, people talk FAST. I still can’t understand what people say to me. I think that it will just take time.

Here in the field, there is a lot of walking around and trying to find members, investigators, and contacts because all you have to go off of is the names of the neighborhoods, streets, and the house number–if there is one. The language is hard. I think I underestimated how hard it was and how much Spanish I knew. I think that the problem is that I only have an MTC (CCM) vocabulary. I think time and practice will be the only thing that will help. The Weather is super cold, even for me. I never see what the temperature is for that day, but I’m pretty sure it gets down to 40s sometimes. But today is fine, it feels like a late summer/early fall day. It’s funny though because people are still dressed for winter while I’m walking around in my short sleeve shirt.


Elder Miner