It’s been a few weeks since the last update. Bronson has been transferred to a new City called Nueva Rosita, which means “new little rose”. He had a funny experience with his last baptism and the baptismal font, which you can read about below. Enjoy!

I have been transferred to a city called Nueva Rosita. It’s north of my last area by about 50 miles or so.  I loved working in Monclova. The ward there the most united and loving ward ever.The people here in my new area, which is called Muzquiz (moose-keys), seem calmer than in Monclova. There are a lot more trees here. I think that it is only just a little less hot here, but they say that it gets really cold in the winter. I’m glad I’m here for the nice fall weather though. I think it will be beautiful here when all the leaves start changing.

We live right next to the center of the small town, which is where all the little stores and restaurants are. I love that! Our Dom (dome) or Branch mission leader is awesome too. He is a young, newlywed who knows what he is doing and what he needs to do for his calling. It is so amazing to work with him. We don’t have a ward here, but just a branch. There are about 50 people who go to church regularly right now, but we are going to work on that. My companion is Elder Florez from Columbia. We have been doing a lot of work this week trying to find people to teach so that we can have a lot of work for the rest of the transfer and hopefully more baptisms.

Speaking of baptisms, we actually had one this week! It was a lady who has been going to church for years now because her mom is a member. So she has been taking the lessons from the missionaries. She had a date to be baptized on September 19th, but then wanted to change it last week. Here’s how it went down. We were in the house on Saturday because my companion was sick–he lost his voice from a cold that he has had for a couple of days he was told by our Zone Leaders to take a day off because it would only get worse if he kept trying to talk. The Lady called us and wanted to get baptized that day!! We both jumped up and frantically started doing all the things necessary for a baptism, including filling the baptismal font. We had to leave to our lunch appointment we had that day. When we came back to the chapel, the WHOLE CHAPEL flooded. It turns out that the overflow drain on the font didn’t actually work, which we didn’t know. We frantically swept and squeegeed all the water out of the building, and finished about an hour before everyone started showing up. Somehow we were able to do it in time. That was definitely a miracle that day. Unlike back in Utah, where there is lots of carpet in the church building, ours here in Mexico are all tile. So it was fairly easy to clean up, and there was no damage. Plus (added bonus), now the floors are sparkling clean!

Elder Bronson Miner

My new companion Elder Florez from Columbia, Isabel, her daughter, and me.
Oops. Getting the water out before people start showing up for the baptism.
Hermanas Yubia and Santiaga.
We have been reading the Book of Mormon to the older woman in the middle. The rest of the family are members.
Our newly remodeled apartment in Monclova. Too bad I was transferred just after it was finished.
Transfer day is always fun.